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International 3Rs Prize now open for applications. £30k prize (£2k personal award) for outstanding science with demonstrable 3Rs impacts.

NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science
Webinar and video

Developments and future directions in regulatory fish acute toxicity testing

The NC3Rs hosted a webinar in June 2022 to showcase ongoing and novel initiatives that replace, reduce and/or refine fish acute toxicity studies. The webinar featured presentations on novel approaches to support replacement of the use of late life stage animals, and a retrospective data analysis project to identify potential reductions in regulatory fish testing.


Read more about our projects in environmental safety testing, including our work on applying the 3Rs in fish acute toxicity testing on our dedicated resource page.

Overview of NC3Rs activities to support the 3Rs in fish acute toxicity testing (Dr Natalie Burden, NC3Rs)


Exploring potential reductions in fish testing in a regulatory context (​​​​​​​Dr Michael Lowit, US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA)


New OECD Test Guideline 249 Fish Cell Line Acute Toxicity - The RTgill-W1 cell line assay (Dr Melanie Fischer, Eawag and Dr Stephan Fischer, aQuaTox-Solutions)


SWiFT: Strengthening weight of evidence for FET data to replace acute fish toxicity (Dr Adam Lillicrap, NIVA)