Dr Cathy Vickers


Head of Innovation

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Cathy leads the CRACK IT Challenges programme and is Head of Innovation.

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PhD, Neurophysiology
The University of Edinburgh, 2001-2004

BSc Hons, Physiology
The University of Manchester, 1995–1999


Redfern WS, Tse K, Grant C, Keerie A, Simpson DJ, Pedersen JC, Rimmer V, Leslie L, Klein SK, Karp NA, Sillito R, Chartsias A, Lukins T, Heward J, Vickers C, Chapman K, Armstrong JD. (2017) Automated recording of home cage activity and temperature of individual rats housed in social groups: The Rodent Big Brother project. PLoS One doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0181068