2015 Primate Welfare Meeting – 10 years of supporting NHP welfare

  • NC3Rs
Friday 09 October 2015 09:00
Central London

This year’s NC3Rs Primate Welfare Meeting will be held in London on 9 October 2015. This 10-year anniversary meeting will cover a variety of topics on the use and care of nun-human primates, including training animals for cooperation with procedures, new techniques for welfare assessment, minimising data variability, and resources for staff training and information exchange.

The excellent programme consists of presentations, posters and networking opportunities. The meeting will be chaired by Professor Sir Patrick Bateson FRS. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr Melanie Graham, University of Minnesota – Training for cooperative handling in a macaque chronic disease model
  • Dr Anna S Mitchell, University of Oxford – Efficient chair training of rhesus macaques for neuroscience research
  • Ms Helen Gray, Newcastle University – The effect of fluid restriction protocols on the behaviour, physiology and welfare of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
  • Dr Caroline Bergmann, University of Oxford – Thinking inside the box: developing a novel method of refining access and assessment of food and water intake in group-housed macaques
  • Dr Sarah-Jane Vick, University of Stirling & Dr Matt Leach, Newcastle University – A grimace scale for post-operative pain assessment in macaques
  • Dr Henri Bertrand, Newcastle University – Comparison of the effects of ketamine and fentanyl-midazolam-medetomidine for sedation of rhesus macaques
  • Dr Claire Witham, Newcastle University / MRC Centre for Macaques – ​Face recognition and behaviour identification: using techniques from computer vision to monitor welfare in macaques
  • Miss Naomi Thompson, Charles River Laboratories – Impact on data variability of obtaining macaques for toxicology studies in pre-established compatible groups
  • Dr Mark Prescott, NC3Rs – Update on NC3Rs non-human primate initiatives
  • Ms Maria Martinez, University of Oxford – The NHP NACWO Network

Poster presentations include:

  • Dr Martin O’Neill – Refinements in NHP behavioural and chair-training methods as used for combined electrophysiology and lesion/inactivation studies
  • Dr Emily Bethell, Liverpool John Moores University – Attention bias: a novel method to assess psychological wellbeing in group-housed non-human primates
  • Ms Jennah Green, Newcastle University – Exploring nocturnal behaviour as a measure of welfare in laboratory rhesus macaques, Macaca mulatta
  • Mr Mike Dennis, Public Health England – Refinement of welfare through application of a quantitative system for assessment of lifetime experience
  • Mr Jeff Nightingale, Mr Seb Merritt & Dr Caralyn Kemp, MRC Centre for Macaques – Station training of group housed rhesus macaques
  • Dr Anna Bottomley, NC3Rs – Global cross-company data-sharing on the housing of non-rodents during the recording of cardiovascular telemetry data on safety pharmacology and toxicology studies
  • Mr Kevin Watts, Huntingdon Life Sciences, Mr James Miller, Covance & Mr Colin Reed, Charles River Edinburgh – CRO primate welfare cooperation

An updated agenda is available here.

The meeting is open to laboratory personnel working directly with non-human primates. Attendance is free but advanced registration is essential. You will need an NC3Rs website account to register. Please use your institutional email address when registering. Registration closes on 30 September 2015

There is an opportunity to present a poster relevant to primate welfare and/or the 3Rs. To present a poster, please complete the abstract submission form and submit by 8 September (extended deadline). We will let you know if you have been selected by 11 September.




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