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Webinar: Evaluations of environmental enrichment


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Two brown mice playing with a wooden block with a hole in the center

Evaluations of environmental enrichment allow animal technicians to make confident, welfare-focused decisions. However, overcoming the challenges of assessing enrichment within a research setting, and knowing where to start, can be intimidating.

This webinar, hosted by Dr Jessica Eddy of the NC3Rs, will provide an overview of some of the resources available to support animal technicians who want to carry out evaluations of enrichment (Presenter: Khia Dobbinson, NC3Rs) and practical guidance from a technician’s perspective (Presenter: Zoe Windsor, Senior Research Support Technician and NACWO, University College London).

Join us if you are an animal technician who wants to have increased confidence that the environmental enrichment you provide to your animals is improving their welfare. We also recommend attending this webinar if you plan to attend the NC3Rs practical workshop on evaluating environmental enrichment at IAT Congress 2023.

Certificates of attendance are available on request only to registered participants attending through their unique Zoom link.