Microsampling videos

Drummond Plasma Separation Capillary

The Drummond Plasma Separation Capillary™ is a unique device designed to collect blood samples for subsequent centrifugation and separation of plasma. The capillary tubes are 75µl and EDTA coated (other anticoagulants are available on request from Drummond Scientific). Each capillary tube contains approximately 2µl of thixotropic gel which acts as an interface between the blood and plasma fractions after centrifugation. A Wiretrol™ device is used to expel the plasma from the capillary after centrifugation. 

A protocol to accompany this video is available


Mitra VAMS

The Mitra™ (RUO) device is a volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS) tool with a simple technique for collection and quantitative analysis of dried blood samples. An accurate blood volume (exactly 10 µl) is collected into the absorbent tips, regardless of blood haematocrit. 

A protocol to accompany this video is available.



The microvette sampling technique uses a method of blood collection similar to that utilised in conventional blood sampling, but can be adapted for smaller volumes. The smaller, thinner microvette tubes allow for smaller volumes of plasma to be separated off after centrifugation of the blood sample.

Video produced by Sanofi-Aventis



The Drummond Aqua-Cap capillary device collects a fixed volume of blood for subsequent dilution with an accurate volume of water.