New Board Members announced

Three new members have been appointed to join the NC3Rs Board. Dr Phil Botham, Professor Jamie Davies and Mr Neil Yates will serve on the Board for three year terms from 15 July 2009.

The work of the NC3Rs is overseen by a Board chaired by Professor Ian Kimber, University of Manchester. Members must be respected individuals with a proven track record in relevant research, have a good understanding of the use of animals in research and testing, display a commitment to the development of all three 'Rs', and a proven ability to exercise judgment in areas of science policy.


1. Dr Phil Botham

Dr Botham is Head of Human Safety at the agrochemical company Syngenta. He has specific expertise in acute toxicity, immunology and allergy and has made a significant contribution to the introduction of the 3Rs in toxicology. He currently chairs the NC3Rs Regulatory Toxicology Forum and represents Syngenta on the European Partnership on Alternative Approaches steering committees. He was previously a member of the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods scientific advisory committee and Reviews Editor for Toxicology In Vitro. He is a Fellow of both the British Toxicology Society and the Royal College of Pathologists.

2. Professor Jamie Davies

Professor Davies is currently Professor of Experimental Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh. He studied Natural Sciences as an undergraduate at Christ's College, Cambridge, then did his PhD work in developmental neurobiology at the Department of Anatomy, University of Cambridge, working in the laboratory of Dr Geoffrey Cook and Professor Roger Keynes. For his post-doctoral work, as a Cancer Research Campaign research fellow at Universities of Southampton and Manchester, he studied the developmental biology of epithelia under the guidance of Professor David Garrod. In 1995, he set up his own laboratory at the University of Edinburgh, devoted to the development and regeneration of mammalian organs, particularly kidney.
The Davies laboratory has used a variety of techniques but has always placed 3Rs considerations at the centre of planning and has a record of developing organ culture alternatives to in vivo experiments stretching back to the laboratory's foundation. At first these were to study normal development, but in recent years they have been joined by in vitro systems to study stem cell behaviour and tissue regeneration.  The laboratory also has a substantial interest in bioinformatics (hosting developmental databases since the year the World Wide Web was invented) and in synthetic biology. One of the post-doctoral research fellows of the laboratory is currently funded by NC3Rs. 

3. Mr Neil Yates

Mr Yates was appointed as the Director of the Biomedical Services Unit at the University of Nottingham in November 1996. His role involves ensuring that a culture of care, high standards of animal welfare and appropriate application of the 3Rs contribute to the diverse and internationally recognised biomedical research undertaken at Nottingham.

Mr Yates is a Fellow of the Institute of Animal Technology and a member of the Laboratory Animal Science Association. His career in animal technology began at the University of Manchester and his extensive experience includes the husbandry, welfare, production and experimental management of a wide range of common laboratory animals, farm animals and aquatic species.

As a permanent member of the Ethical Review Committee at Nottingham, Mr Yates has input into project applications from colleagues in a range of academic areas, including the neurosciences, genetics, physiology, pharmacology, psychology and cancer research.

Outgoing members

The NC3Rs would like to thank the following Board Members whose term ended in 2009:

  • Professor Paul Flecknell, University of Newcastle
  • Dr James Kirkwood, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare
  • Professor Nancy Rothwell DBE, University of Manchester

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