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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

The role of journals in implementing the 3Rs: ARRIVE and beyond

19 January 2015
A stack of papers

Our Communications Officer, Laura McGuinness, spoke to Iratxe Puebla, Deputy Editor at PLOS ONE, about how journals can support the 3Rs. Listen to the podcast below.


The podcast gives tips for both editors and peer reviewers evaluating papers reporting animal research. It also offers advice for researchers submitting their animal work for publication.

Accurate and transparent reporting is essential to ensure that in vivo research adds to the knowledge base. The NC3Rs ARRIVE guidelines can be used to improve the reporting of research using animals – maximising the value and reproducibility of research published and minimising unnecessary studies.

Our ARRIVE guidelines are now available in a number of languages, including; Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. We provide several resources to support the use of the ARRIVE guidelines, including; a short downloadable presentation which includes speaker notes and specific examples to demonstrate their use in practice.

Read more about the ARRIVE guidelines.