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Our PhD Studentship awards are open for outline applications! Awards of three/four years are available including joint awards with the BHF.

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Technologies to Tools awards

What is a Technologies to Tools award?

Technologies to Tools (T2T) awards support the translation of in vitro models and technologies developed with NC3Rs grant funding into research tools that can be applied confidently in industry for medicines discovery. The aim is to bridge the gap between model development and the wider uptake needed to achieve the greatest 3Rs, scientific and commercial impacts. 

These awards are facilitated by collaborations between the NC3Rs and external organisations. T2T aims to foster collaborative working and increase knowledge exchange between NC3Rs-funded researchers and researchers with expertise in the translation of in vitro technologies. Find out more about routes to awards below.

Milner Therapeutics Institute

T2T awards are currently available through a strategic collaboration established with the Milner Therapeutics Institute (MTI) to accelerate the translation of cell-based disease models developed through NC3Rs-funded projects.

Working collaboratively with MTI scientists, researchers with appropriate NC3Rs-funded models will be able to apply for projects using the MTI’s CRISPR screening technology and identify and validate disease targets using their models. The projects will be fully funded by the NC3Rs with equivalent in-kind contributions, including access to industrial expertise, facilities and equipment, provided by the MTI.

For more information about eligibility and the award process, please see the T2T Guide for Participants.

2023 Technologies to Tools Guide for Participants
2023 Technologies to Tools scoring criteria

Medicines Discovery Catapult

The first round of T2T awards in 2019 were offered in collaboration with the Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC). Eligible researchers had the opportunity to develop a collaborative project with MDC building upon the scientific findings from their NC3Rs grant. Applicants were able to apply for up to £50k, to cover 100% of their directly incurred costs, for projects of up to 24 months duration. The MDC provided in-kind contributions (such as access to industrial expertise, facilities and equipment) equivalent in value to the funding offered by the NC3Rs.

Learn more about previous T2T projects in Our portfolio.

Technologies to Tools Panel members

Member name  Institution 
Dr Ian Ragan Independent
Dr Gilian Farnie CRUK Therpeutic Discovery Laboratories
Dr Patrizia Camelliti University of Surrey
Dr William Grey University of York
Dr Dan Rocca Charles River Labs
Dr Jason Mellad Start Codon Ltd
Dr Jeff Jerman LifeArc


Technologies to Tools awards are offered to eligible researchers through a strategic collaboration with the Milner Therapeutics Institute.

Milner Therapeutics Institute logo

Previous Technologies to Tools awards have been offered through a collaboration with the Medicines Discovery Catapult.

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