Reuse of needles

Single-use needles are designed to be used once. If they are reused, there is a risk that they will dull and cause animals pain, as well as potentially transferring tissue products or spreading infection between animals. The UK Home Office have adopted single use of needles as a themed inspection area in 2019.

Below are links to guest blog posts from experts on this topic, as well as NC3Rs resources and funding opportunities.

Single use of needles poster

We have produced an A3 poster explaining why single use of needles should be standard practice (see right). Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to send out hard copy resources. Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for more information about the support we are offering during this time.

Dr Lucy Whitfield (Royal Veterinary College) and Dr Sally Robinson (AstraZeneca) explore the issues associated with reusing needles.
Dr Sally Robinson explores how AstraZeneca has implemented the single use of needles as a refinement across their sites.
Dr Sally Robinson explores the role ethical review bodies can play in ensuring refinements such as single use of needles are put into practice.
Apply for funding to develop an injection device that allows needles to be changed quickly and safely between animals.