Mouse handling video clips

Below are short, instructional video clips available to download from Vimeo for use in staff training. (Click the 'Download' icon beneath the video in Vimeo.)

We recommend that anyone using the tunnel handling and cupping techniques for the first time views our fullĀ mouse handling video tutorial.

Radial maze exploration (1.35 mins.)

View on Vimeo and download.

Tunnel handling technique (2.02 mins.)

View on vimeo and download.

Tunnel handling at IVC cage cleaning (1.49 mins.)

View on Vimeo and download.

Tunnel handling and scruffing

Please note: this video is not downloadable.

Mice accustomed to non-aversive handling will accept physical restraint without losing tameness towards the handler. While mice should not be picked up by the tail, the base of the tail can be held to manipulate the mouse once on the hand. For full restraint, place mice on a surface they can grip. Holding the tail base securely, pull back gently to stimulate the animal to grip and use the other hand to grasp the loose skin at the back of the neck between thumb and forefingers. The animal should be immobilised but able to breathe easily.

Further information on restraint of mice for specific procedures can be found on theĀ Procedures With Care website.

Cupping technique (2.52 mins.)

View on Vimeo and download.