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Cardiovascular resources

The following NC3Rs resources may be useful for cardiovascular researchers developing 3Rs models or establishing new collaborations.  

The NC3Rs Gateway

The NC3Rs Gateway is a dedicated, open access portal hosted by F1000Research. Papers on the Gateway showcase 3Rs research, and authors can publish the full extent of their methods to allow others in the scientific community to adopt new approaches. Cardiovascular models published on the Gateway include the refinement of thromboembolic mortality mouse models for use in platelet research and a zebrafish embryo model to quantify endothelial cell proliferation in vascular development and homeostasis.

Experimental design and reporting

The NC3Rs has produced guidance to help researchers with improved experimental design and reporting. These include our guidance for designing in vitro and in vivo experiments for funding proposals, information on masking and blinding, and our Experimental Design Assistant, an online tool to help researchers design experiments using animals.

Microphysiological systems

Our microphysiological systems (MPS) resource provides information on the NC3Rs work in MPS and global MPS programmes and initiatives. These include the BioSystics Analytics Platform, which collates and makes accessible experimental, preclinical and clinical data to accelerate the development and application of MPS for basic research and drug development, and the 3Rs Collaborative (3RsC) Microphysiological Systems Technology Hub which highlights commercially available MPS models.

Return to the cardiovascular hub to learn more about our new Cardiovascular Network, cardiovascular projects funded by the NC3Rs and find funding opportunities for cardiovascular research.

Graphic showing an anotomical heart, blood cells and ECG readout.