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Guide to refinement for fish species


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Responsible Research in Practice
A row of plastic fish tanks holding zebrafish at a laboratory. The tanks are tall and narrow, and sit next to each other in numbered racks. The whole aquarium has a blue hue to it. You can see many zebrafish in each tank, socially housed.

In this free webinar, Dr Nikki Osborne (Responsible Research in Practice) will be joined by Dr Chloe Steven (Senior Scientific Officer – Refinement, RSPCA) to share their knowledge and experience of implementing refinement for fish species used in research and testing.

The session will include:

  • The challenges of refining the lifetime experience of laboratory fish.
  • New approaches to improving the welfare of fish species.
  • Some inspiring examples of good practice.
  • Suggestions on how to get involved.
  • Further information and useful resources.