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Launch webinar – SensOoChip Challenge: increasing reproducibility and predictivity of organ-on-chips


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Register for the SensOoChip CRACK IT Challenge launch webinar to learn more about the aims of the Challenge and how to apply.

The SensOoChip Challenge aims to improve the utility and reproducibility of connected organ-on-a-chip (OoC) devices by integrating real-time multiparametric monitoring. Up to £2.6M over five years is available to meet the Challenge deliverables and work collaboratively with the Challenge Sponsors, AstraZeneca, Bayer AG, Merck Healthcare KGaA and Novartis.

This webinar is aimed at eligible potential applicants and will give you an opportunity to learn more about the competition, ask the Sponsors questions and find out how to submit a competitive application for the proof-of-concept phase.*

View more information about the Challenge objectives and structure on the Innovation Platform.

*The competition is open to any UK, European Union, European Economic Area and European Free Trade Association body public or private.


CRACK IT Challenges spearhead the development of innovative 3Rs technologies by responding directly to the needs of end-users across the biosciences. The Challenges have delivered technologies for the improvement of scientific data, to increase the predictivity of models and to reduce the reliance on animals.

CRACK IT products and previous Challenges can be found on our Innovation Platform. Case studies highlighting some of our success stories are showcased in our 10 years of CRACK IT: Webinar series.

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For any queries about the SensOoChip Challenge or CRACK IT in general, please contact