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RSPCA workshop: Humane endpoints for fish in regulatory toxicology

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Three zebrafish in a clear tank, set against a black background.

The RSPCA is holding a workshop on humane endpoints for fish in regulatory toxicology, as part of their 'focus on severe suffering' series to promote practical approaches to avoiding and reducing severe suffering in animal research and testing.

This in-person workshop will focus on observing and interpreting clinical signs to implement humane endpoints and refine the use of fish in regulatory toxicology. Sessions will cover a series of relevant case studies, training for animal technicians and the use of technology for welfare monitoring.

Find out more about automated behavioural monitoring for fish on our resource page.

The meeting is free to attend and lunch and refreshments will be provided. Full details and an agenda will be available closer to the date of the meeting.

Closing date for registration: Wednesday 8 November.