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Ultrasonic vocalisations: For the people, and the rodents


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Animal Behaviour and Welfare Group, Scotland’s Rural College

Recording ultrasonic vocalisations (USV) is a cheap, non-invasive and easy-to-use tool to investigate affective states in rats and other social processes in rodents. This online workshop will discuss the use of USV in lab rodents, with a focus on using USV to understand and improve lab rodent welfare.

Topics covered include:

  • The benefits of recording USV (scientific and animal welfare).
  • How to record USV with different levels of equipment, with examples from researchers who are currently using these techniques.
  • Different approaches to analysing USV.
  • The advantages and limitations of different approaches to recording and analysing USV.

A detailed programme will follow.

This workshop is supported by NC3Rs Early Career Engagement funding, awarded to Dr Vincent Bombail.

Find out more about Vincent's NC3Rs-funded research with Professor Alistair Lawrence using USV to further refine rat tickling to improve positive animal welfare in laboratory rats.