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Laboratory animal anaesthesia e-learning resource

A rat under anaesthesia

Our new e-learning resource on “Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia for Minor Procedures” is now available.

The online resource, developed by Professor Paul Flecknell and his team at Newcastle University and funded by the NC3Rs, aims to ensure best practice in anaesthesia for minor procedures, by providing readily accessible training materials for researchers, technicians and those developing and running courses for staff involved in in vivo research.

The scenario-based training materials are designed to be used as a basic introduction, a refresher, or for more specific training necessary for continued professional development.

Widespread use of the resource should lead to a sustained improvement in the welfare of a large numbers of animals, and potentially improve the quality of scientific data obtained from them.

The online programme is free to access and contains material specifically aligned with the learning objectives of EU Module 20. The UK accrediting bodies (Society of Biology, Scottish Accreditation Board and Universities’ Training Group) support use of the resource in accredited courses for personal licence holders.

A version that permits tracking of user completion is available at FLAIRE Learning.