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New Oncology Network launched

A graphic showing a network of circles, the three in the centre feature icons depicting cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs and DNA

Following the introduction of our Networks programme in January, our third Network aims to bring together oncology researchers to establish collaborations and catalyse the uptake of 3Rs technologies for cancer research.

Oncology is our second largest funded area, with £12.9M committed since 2004, representing 14% of the NC3Rs research funding portfolio. We have funded 68 projects to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in cancer research, including eight jointly funded awards as part of an ongoing collaboration with Cancer Research UK to support the uptake of new 3Rs methods in oncology.

The Oncology Network will build on these successes and connect researchers and stakeholders at all career stages from across academia and industry. Network members will have the opportunity to showcase their 3Rs approaches and establish new collaborations, stay up to date with the latest 3Rs advances in oncology and share their perspectives on how the NC3Rs can best support the oncology research community.

Find out more about the benefits of joining the Oncology Network and access information on NC3Rs-funded oncology projects, funding opportunities and resources through the Oncology Network hub.

We are launching the Oncology Network with a meeting in London on Monday 20 May. Chaired by Professor Owen Samson (Director, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research), the launch event will allow Network members to discuss how 3Rs oncology models can be applied to new research questions and explore new collaborations and follow-on funding opportunities. Scientists from all career stages and sectors who are working with oncology models or are interested in replacing, reducing or refining the use of animals in cancer research are welcome to join the Oncology Network and attend the launch event.  

Contact Dr Rachel Eyre for more information about the Oncology Network.