Origin retinas syringe insertion device

The key scientific basis of the project led by Mr Allen Pearson at Origin Product Design Ltd is to build up a 3 dimensional model of the rabbit’s eye and eye socket to allow the design of a suitable device to accurately and reliably locate the position of the Pars Plana. This will rely on collaboration with the sponsor to provide data from Laser Ophthalmoscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Electron Microscopy to allow a 3 dimensional Computer Aided Design model to be built. This model will allow the designers to explore alternative ways and configurations of locating and manipulating the needle tip to the desired position.

The final deliverable of the project will be prototype devices that can be used to validate the design in vivo experiments. The success of the project is not only highly dependent on the scientific model of the structure of the rabbit’s eye but on the usability and ergonomics of the device.

Full details about this CRACK IT Challenge can be found on the CRACK IT website.

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CRACK IT Challenge

Award date:

Jan 2012

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Primary 'R'


Scientific Discipline





Drug delivery
IVT injection