What is (formerly Assay Depot) is the world’s largest marketplace for outsourced research services. Launched in 2008, the marketplace is a procure-to-pay platform that saves researchers’ time, reduces costs, provides access to the latest innovations and ensures regulatory compliance. Our vision is to create a world in which scientists are limited only by their imagination. operates private marketplaces for ten large pharmaceutical partners, a private research portal for the US National Institutes of Health and a Biotech marketplace for biotech and academic researchers. Researchers use the marketplaces to access 3,500 research areas offered by over 15,000 suppliers in 100 countries.  

The platform’s unique capabilities allows qualified institutions to capture institutional knowledge, integrate internal finance and sourcing workflows, purchase high risk services (such as human samples) and track time and cost savings - while maintaining full compliance with your organization’s procurement policies.

Supporting greater access to human tissue for research
Although human biological samples (HBS) are increasingly being used in pharmaceutical research, there has been no standard compliance process governing their acquisition by researchers. The new HBS compliance process helps researchers and suppliers adhere to internal and external (often legislative) policies for HBS acquisition. -It also ensures that appropriate documentation has been obtained and communicated throughout the supply chain, and by focusing on donor consent it significantly reduces the risks associated with using HBS.

Created in partnership with eight leading pharmaceutical companies, leading HBS suppliers and Biobank organizations such as the UK Clinical Research Collaboration Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (UKCRC TCC), the new compliance and governance framework increases visibility, traceability and control for both commercial and academic HBS sources. It standardizes the ways pharmaceutical companies and individual researchers evaluate potential Biobanks and by doing so simplifies the process and reduces costs for all parties. It is only available through the marketplace.  

Interacting with offers the opportunity for researchers to identify and access multiple sources of consented HBS from global suppliers (both commercial and academic) with which to conduct human relevant research programmes at scale. 

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