E-learning resources

The NC3Rs has funded a number of e-learning resources that are freely available for training and continuing professional development. You can access each module below - clicking the tile will open the resource in a new window.

How e-learning can complement more traditional approaches to training those working with laboratory animals.
Professor Paul Flecknell explains more about FLAIRE Learning's modules and the benefits of e-learning for laboratory animal professionals.
Blog post highlighting the advantages of scenario-based, online learning and how it could improve animal welfare.
How to recognise and prevent pain, suffering and distress in laboratory animals.
Principles and techniques for humane killing of laboratory animals.
Ensuring best practice in anaesthesia for minor procedures.
Factors to consider prior to anaesthesia of laboratory animals.
How to choose appropriate anaesthetic agents and regimens.
Why and how to monitor anaesthetised animals.
Use of different anaesthetic breathing systems, airway management, and neuromuscular blocking drugs.
Managing anaesthesia and what can be done to prevent problems.
Recovery from anaesthesia and post-anaesthetic support.