Funding Panel membership

Funding Panel members are appointed in a personal capacity for three years, with the possibility of a further one or two years extension. A full list of current members and when their term ends is given below.

We receive proposals from a wide range of disciplines. Additional members may be co-opted to each Panel, for one year, if additional expertise is required.

Assessment procedure | Declarations of interest | Grant Assessment Panel | Studentship Assessment Panel | Training Fellowship Assessment Panel | Skills and Knowledge Transfer Assessment Panel | Strategic Awards | Infrastructure Awards

Assessment procedure

Peer review generally consists of a two stage process:

  1. Applications are assessed by independent, national and international, scientfic experts who consider the viability, scientific quality, cost-effectiveness and likely 3Rs impact of the proposal.  
  2. The Panel assesses applications. During the meeting, proposals are discussed and scored by each member against the scoring critera, assessing both scientifc quality and 3Rs impact, and taking into consideration the referees' scores and comments, the response to reviewers' comments and Panel members' opinions. At the end of the meeting applications are grouped according to the Panel's median score for the proposal.  This is used as a basis for further discussion, which may take into account strategic priorities, prior to reaching final funding decisions. 

For small investments or outline proposals, assessment is normally by a Panel only.

Declarations of interests

Funding Panel members are required to declare any private, professional or commercial interests that might, or that might be perceived to, conflict with the NC3Rs interests as detailed in the declaration of interests policy.


Grant Assessment Panel

Assesses project grant applications.

Member Name Institution Term Ends
Professor Stefan Przyborski (Chair) Durham University 2019
Professor Michael Bonsall University of Oxford 2021
Professor Oliver Burman University of Lincoln 2021
Professor Jon Martin Collinson University of Aberdeen 2021
Professor Julia Dorin University of Edinburgh 2019
Dr Manolis Fanto King's College London 2021
Dr Marta García-Fiñana  University of Liverpool 2020
Professor Christopher George (Deputy Chair) Swansea University 2020
Professor Claire Gibson University of Nottingham 2020
Dr David Grieve Queen's University Belfast 2019
Professor Robert Hindges King's College London 2021
Dr John Kendrick  Covance Ltd 2020
Professor Paul Langford  Imperial College London 2020
Dr Pietro Mastroeni  University of Cambridge 2020
Dr Thomas Matheson University of Leicester 2020
Dr Amritpal Mudher  University of Southampton 2020
Professor Stuart Peirson University of Oxford 2019
Dr Mark Pilling University of Cambridge 2019
Dr Stefano Pluchino University of Cambridge 2020
Dr Sally Robinson AstraZeneca 2019
Professor Alastair Sloan Cardiff University 2021
Dr Lynne Sneddon University of Liverpool 2020
Dr Helen Wheadon University of Glasgow 2021

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Studentship Assessment Panel

Assesses PhD studentship applications.

Member Institution  Term Ends
Professor Paul Garside (Chair) University of Glasgow 2020
Dr Yassine Amrani  University of Leicester 2020
Dr Jeff Barclay University of Liverpool 2021
Professor Adrian Bone University of Brighton 2019
Dr Lorna Ewart Veroli Consulting Limited 2019
Professor Andrew Furley University of Sheffield 2021
Professor Amir Ghaemmaghami University of Nottingham 2021
Professor Anne Graham  University of Bradford 2020
Dr Helinor Johnston Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 2020
Dr Pablo Lamata  King’s College London 2020
Dr Lisa Lione University of Hertfordshire 2021
Dr Cathy Merry  University of Nottingham 2020
Professor Craig Murdoch University of Sheffield 2020
Dr Munitta Muthana  University of Sheffield 2020
Dr Daniel Neill University of Liverpool 2021
Dr Tracey Newman  University of Southampton 2020
Dr Arjuna Ratnayaka University of Southampton 2020
Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova University of Exeter 2021
Dr Stephen White Manchester Metropolitan University 2021
Dr Jeanette Woolard University of Nottingham 2019
Co-opted for 2019 as the BHF representative 
Professor Manuela Zaccolo University of Oxford  2019
Co-opted for 2019 as the Unilever representative 
Dr Andrew Scott Unilever 2019

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Training Fellowship Assessment Panel

Assesses proposals submitted to the Training Fellowship scheme.

Member Institution Term Ends
Professor Lucy Walker (Chair) University College London 2020
Dr David Chau University College London 2019
Dr Patricia Lalor University of Birmingham 2021
Dr Thomas Matheson University of Leicester 2019
Professor Robin May University of Birmingham 2020
Professor Ian Sabroe University of Sheffield 2020
Professor Neil Vargesson University of Aberdeen 2021
Co-opted for 2019    
Dr Helen Wheadon University of Glasgow 2019

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Skills and Knowledge Transfer Assessment Panel

Assesses proposals submitted to the Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme.

Member Institution Term Ends
Professor Chris Denning (Chair) University of Nottingham 2020
Professor Mark Chambers University of Surrey and APHA 2021
 Dr Julia Cordero University of Glasgow 2019
Dr Dominic Corkhill MedImmune Ltd 2021
Dr Michael Emerson Imperial College London 2019
Dr Jason Rihel University College London 2021
Dr Jane Sosabowski Queen Mary, University of London 2021
Professor Phil Stephens Cardiff University 2019
Co-opted CRUK Panel member    
Dr Clare Davies University of Birmingham 2019

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Technologies to Tools Assessment Panel

Assesses proposals submitted to the Technologies to Tools grant scheme.

Member Institution Term ends
Dr Ian Ragan Independent 2019
Dr Jamie Bilsland C4X Discovery Ltd 2019
Dr Lorna Ewart AstraZeneca 2019
Professor Christopher George Swansea University 2019
Dr Diane Harbison Decipher Analytics Ltd 2019
Dr Mark Holbrook VAST pharma solutions Ltd and Certara Ltd 2019
Dr John Kendrick Covance Ltd 2019
Dr Nicola Valeri The Institute of Cancer Research 2019
Dr Debbie Taylor LifeArc 2019

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Strategic Awards

An assessment Panel is convened for each strategic call. Membership of the Panel is dependent on the strategic focus of each call. A list of Panel members can be found on each strategic award webpage.

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Infrastructure for Impact Awards

Applications to the Infrastructure Award scheme are assessed by the NC3Rs Board.

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