The welfare of non-human primates

Thousands of non-human primates, including macaques and marmosets, are used worldwide for research purposes each year. Working with experts from academia, industry, contract research organisations, research funders, regulatory authorities and animal welfare organisations, we have developed a broad programme of activities to improve the welfare of these animals. This includes the publication of guidelines, online resources and a dedicated annual meeting.

We also support advances in non-human primate welfare through our research funding schemes, peer review service and office led data sharing projects.

An annual event dedicated to promoting the welfare of non-human primates.
Guidelines adopted by the major UK bioscience funders.
Survey of the approaches used for training monkeys for chair restraint.
Wiki on refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience research.
Basic requirements for good housing and husbandry.
A dedicated website with resources for everyone who works with, or is interested in, laboratory macaques.
A comprehensive resource on common marmosets, funded by the NC3Rs.
Guidelines on the use of food and fluid control in behavioural neuroscience.
Advice on rehoming ex-laboratory non-human primates.
Implications for care and use in the laboratory.
How to use positive reinforcement techniques.
Guidance on the transport of laboratory animals, including non-human primates
Recommendations on the age to wean macaques.
The role of MRI in applying the 3Rs to non-human primate neuroscience.
Additional information, including further guidelines and reports.