Our team

Regional Programme Manager (North West and Yorkshire)

Regional Programme Manager (Oxford)

Programme Manager – Research funding

Science Manager – Animal welfare and policy

Programme Manager - Toxicology and regulatory sciences, environmental safety

Science Manager - Research funding

Regional Programme Manager (Cardiff and the South West of England)

Science Manager - Toxicology

Programme Manager – Challenge-led Innovation

Director of Science and Technology

Science Manager- Technology Development

Science Manager - Experimental design

Programme Manager - Disease models, efficacy and safety pharmacology

Programme Manager – Animal welfare

Press and communications officer

Strategic Planning Manager

Programme Manager – Animal welfare

Science Manager - Experimental design and reporting

Head of Experimental Design and Reporting

Director of Policy and Outreach

Programme Manager - Drug development

Chief Executive

Programme Manager - Toxicology and regulatory sciences, human health effects

Communications and design manager

Regional Programme Manager (Midlands)

Head of Innovation

Online communications officer

Programme support

CRACK IT and Research Funding team

Communications team

  • Emma Stokes manages the communications team, and leads on our online engagement, branding and the design of our resources and publications.
  • Kasia Makowska is responsible for working with the media, promoting and communicating the work of the NC3Rs.
  • General media inbox: media@nc3rs.org.uk
  • Website enquiries inbox: webmaster@nc3rs.org.uk

Events Team

Office management