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Measuring animal emotion workshop - impressions and Storify

An overview of an NC3Rs sponsored workshop focusing on measuring animal emotions.

Seven project grants awarded

Further funding for new approaches to reduce reliance on animals in research and improve animal welfare will ensure that the UK’s scientific co

A novel social amoeba model to reduce late phase attrition in drug development

A recent publication describes a novel approach to assessing the palatability of new drugs using the amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum inste

Cancer organoids: an important new tool in the armoury of cancer biologists

A study describes organoids of colorectal cancer derived from the patients’ own tissue.

Home Office statistics announced (2015)

Today the Home Office released their

Workshop report: Minimising animal use in preclinical oncology research

Working in partnership with MedImmune, the biologics R&D arm of AstraZeneca, we organised a workshop to explore how the 3Rs can be used as a fo

Using computational models to predict fish acute toxicity of pesticide metabolites

An analysis, published recently in Regulatory Toxi

Head mask for cancer patients adapted as a refinement for primate research

A study published recently in Journal of Neuroscie

Seven ways to use The Macaque Website

In May 2015, we launched a major new resource – The Macaque Website – which complem