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      Our top ten news stories and blog posts of 2017

      2017 was a busy year for the NC3Rs – as well as being our Year of Laboratory Rodent Welfare, we undertook a number of initiatives to advance the 3Rs...
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          New Solution: CombiDART a non-vertebrate based platform for rapid toxicity testing

          Researchers from the University of Oxford have created a new approach to reduce the use of thousands of animals used annually for assessing the develo...

          New Solution: VERTEX – simulating interventions on the mammalian brain

          The Neuroinformatics lab at Newcastle University has developed Vertex, a computational model of the mammalian brain that can reproduce activity observ...

          Applying the 3Rs in non-human primate research: barriers, solutions and opportunities


          Tickling rats: a social enrichment to improve rodent welfare

          The importance of positive human-animal interactions is widely recognised for large laboratory animal species, but often ignored for the smaller roden...

          Using microsampling to further refine a mouse model of thrombosis

          Previous research by Dr Mike Emerson at Imperial College London, funded by the NC3Rs, has developed a refined mouse model for studying thrombosis. Mic...


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