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What could an NC3Rs Training Fellowship do for you?

Dr Deepali Pal shares her experiences as an NC3Rs Training Fellow and how the scheme helped her secure an independent position.

CRACK IT Challenges for 2020 announced

Up to £3.5 million funding is available to solve five Challenges identified jointly by the NC3Rs and Sponsors.

Six things we’ve learnt about the brain using 3Rs methods

Discover how NC3Rs Grant holders are using 3Rs methods to provide insights into neuroscience.

New ARRIVE guidelines 2.0 released

The updated guidelines will help researchers increase the reliability and reproducibility of animal studies through better reporting. 

A change in (cell) culture: exploring alternatives to fetal calf serum

Dr Jan van der Valk explores why fetal calf serum-free media are important and how the FCS-Free Database can support scientists.

Taking aim at the 3Rs

Dr Mark Prescott comments on recent publications advocating for the replacement of the 3Rs with a broader ethical framework.

A new project to reduce animal use in the batch release and quality control testing of biologicals

The project will review WHO guidelines to identify opportunities to incorporate non-animal testing approaches.

Announcing a new collaboration to showcase 3Rs technologies

Our konfer platform enables researchers and small companies to maximise their 3Rs impact.

International prize awarded to two pieces of novel research in the 3Rs

Improvements in veterinary research and a new way of modelling early embryo development have been awarded the annual 3Rs Prize.